this is the section to find out all the info on the band,as well as some helpful placebo links for all the fans.

the story of placebo : although brian and stefan attended the same school in their teen years,they never knew each other well. seperated by social boundary lines,the two went their seperate ways. 2 years after departing school,brian and stefan met again and began speaking upon learning of how much they shared in common. together,they later formed the band "ashtray heart". stefan and brian found robert schultzberg (a drummer),who they formed the band with as well. they were signed to hut records and played several gigs. later,the band was renamed "placebo" and they recorded their first self-titled lp on caroline records. after the recording of the first album,robert 'supposebly left' the band--and the band signed steve hewitt in place of robert. now,with steve officially a band member,the group recorded "without you i'm nothing" in 1998 and began touring once again.


brian molko (vocals/guitar/bass) : definitely placebo's most talked-about member. molko was born in the uk in 1972 to scottish and american parents. upon being dragged around all over england with his father on a quest for more money,molko was sent to an american private school in luxembourg. he attended school alongside fellow bandmate stefan oldsdal,but he was not his friend. stefan was a jock and brian was an outsider. at the age of 17,brian moved back to england to study drama despite his father's wishes that he pursue a career in banking. 2 years later,brian bumped into stefan at a gas station and together,they formed a band called "ashtray heart". later,"placebo" was spawned. molko sometimes isn't known for his talents as much as he is for his sexuality though,the cross-dressing makeup-wearing androgynous rocker has gained comparisons to marilyn manson and david bowie. molko is openly bisexual and currently has a girlfriend.

stefan oldsdal (guitar/bass/keyboards) : stefan attended school with brian in the early days,but stefan was a jock and brian was an outsider--or as brian put it,"a loser". later meeting at a gas station,years later and in another country the two began conversing and realizing how much they had in common. rumors of a romance have been floating around for quite awhile as well. stefan,brian,and the drummer robert formed "ashtray heart" and get signed to hut records,later forming "placebo". stefan is also swedish and openly gay.

steve hewitt (drums/percussion} : steve has bounced from band to band including the boo radleys and k-klass,among others. steve joined "placebo" after robert's departure after the first self-titled lp.