here's a list of some of the best in placebo links...if you have one or have found a broken link,please email me.

the brick shithouse : everything for your placebo needs from tour dates to guitar tabs to pics to chatrooms and beyond.

swallow : a beautiful site that is filled with tons of placebo of the best!!

virgin records : placebo : the official virgin records' placebo section.

the raft : placebo : a good site complete with chat and album info,the molko master is even rumored to stop by this site's chat occasionally. this is also the official placebo site in the uk.

evil dildo : includes everything from news to quotes to links in which to buy placebo stuff.

introverted kind of soul : very nice site. lots to see and an easy-to-use layout.

nancy boy : steve hewitt fansite : cool site dedicated to placebo's talented drummer. very nice, includes some pics and nifty things.

a muse in my head : nice lil' site which includes a placebo FAQ.

new - : a fantasy music stock exchange, placebo is one of their artists.

dog boys, media whores : an aussie site

scared of girls : a nice placebo site i stumbled upon.

this bleeding heart : nice site that focuses on the creative edge of placebo and its fans.

placebo live pics : fuzzy placebo live pics from a show in milano.

my sweet prince : a placebo page focusing on standout vocalist brian molko.

36 degrees : an exceptional placebo site. unfortunately,it's in french.

svenlana's pure placebo : pretty good site out of russia.

yahoo clubs : dreams of yesterday : an online fan club for placebo fans, especially italian ones.

new - bruise pristine : a nice japanese site with some pics you may have never saw before.

brian lovers outrageously : pure molko addiction. absolutely wonderful.

my 20th century boy : includes some nice pics of brian. it's dedicated to the man after all.

new - media whore : australian placebo site. pretty nice.

placebo & brian molko fan club : are you a true fan? join the club.

new - blister : a beautifully designed uk placebo site, very nice!

without you i'm nothing : pics, sounds, tour dates, useless tidbits of's all here.

imusic : placebo bulletin board : talk with your favorite placebo-worshipping fans.

new - lady of the flowers : a placebo picture site. new and still in the process of being improved.

dark globe theatre : nice site. requires netscape's frames extension.

the cult of molko webring : the official site of the cult of molko webring and mailing list.

new - placebo : simple site but hey, it's placebo!

ultimate band list : placebo : the listing for placebo. includes links.

imusic : placebo : the listing for placebo.