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news : 8/13/00
black market music : the new placebo album is titled 'black market music' and the first single, 'taste in men' is out now. the single comes in two variations (like most british singles) and here is the track listing of both :
taste in men part 1
01 - taste in men (radio edit) : very slight variations from the album version. less noise.
02 - theme from the funky reverend : yet another interesting placebo instrumental. upbeat.
03 - taste in men (alpinestars kamikaze skimix) : dancey remix. nice.

taste in men part 2
01 - taste in men (album version) : similar to radio edit, more noise.
02 - johnny & mary : awesome cover song of johnny & mary by robert palmer of the who.
03 - taste in men (adrain sherwood go go dub mix) : mostly electronica with not much of the song included.

also, the track listing for the new album, rumored to be out this october 9th has been released. the album is avaliable on CD, cassette, mini disc, vinyl, and there will be a limited edition of the CD with special packaging. here is the track listing :

01 - taste in men : the first single off the album with hints of chemical brothers and sonic youth. new video is out now to match, the video features tarot cards, opening and closing doors, alternating couples, and much more. a must see.

02 - days before you came

03 - special k

04 - spite & malice : brian recently revealed that the chorus features an old white panther saying - "dope, guns, fucking in the streets". brian also calls it 'sonic youth going rap' and says it is 'inspired by the may day riots'

05 - passive/aggressive

06 - black eyed

07 - blue american

08 - slave to the wage : the second single to be released from the album on september 25th.

09 - commercial for levi

10 - haemoglobin : brian claims that the song is "the band's own version of billie holiday's 'strange fruit'". the billie holiday song (themed after war, prejudice, and violence) in particular was named by time magazine as one of the best songs of all time.

11 - narcoleptic

12 - peeping tom

placebo - on the road again : placebo recently played a gig in the uk for the silver rocket fan club and premiered some of the new songs off their album. placebo will also begin touring this autumn to support their new album, 'black market music' and they have already scheduled a tour date on october 31st (halloween!) at the brixton academy in the uk.

placebo publicity : placebo are back in the periodicals again including brian shirtless in a new issue of kerrang! and other brit mags feature new news on the boys such as nme, select, and rocksound.

the next new single : 'slave to the wage' will be released on september 25th in the uk. the single will feature a remix by les rhythmes digitales (who also remixed 'pure morning') and two other non-album tracks, 'leni' and 'bubblegum'. the single will be avaliable in 2 versions and will also feature a cover of big star's 'holocaust' which brian covered at a gig and was featured on the fan club only silver rocket cd.

more placebo news : * brian recently revealed in an issue of kerrang! that he's been in a serious relationship for a year and a half now. he also admitted to turning down many sex offers, including one from british diva caprice.

* brian says the new album will be more politically themed, more angry, and more dark.

news : 5/27/00
new album : FINALLY!! SOME NEW PLACEBO NEWS! Placebo's third and as-yet-untitled album has been scheduled for a tentative September release with the first single arriving in July. These are just rumors and no official release dates have been announced. the band has also been rumored to be playing a pre-tour concert for members of their fan club, the silver rocket.

first single announced : placebo have confirmed their first single to be 'taste in men' from their new upcoming album. it will hit british stores on july 17th on 2 cds. possible b-sides for the single have yet to be announced. the new album also features several notable collaborations include Justin Warfield (formerly of One Inch Punch), PJ Harvey's drummer, string arranger Rob Ellis, Swedish singer-songwriter Stina Nordenstam, and Severe Loren, the guitarist/singer in Linoleum. More news as we receive it!

news : 2/9/00
placebo announces festival dates : finally! some new placebo news! placebo have announced their first festival dates for the year 2000. The Reading/Leeds Carling weekend festivals will see the band performing on Saturday August 26th (Leeds) and Sunday August 27th (Reading). These shows will be supporting British pop act, The Stereophonics.

news : 12/23/99
3rd album in the works : placebo are now hard at work on their third as-yet-untitled album. According to the Australian version of Rolling Stone, the album is set for a tentative May 2000 release. Steve Hewitt, Placebo drummer recently commented, 'The first album was the party, the second album was coming down from the party, and the third one is "I'm going out again, but don't tell anybody".' I don't know about you, but I personally cannot wait!

Psychotika vs. Placebo : on psychotika's website the lead singer of the glam rock band, Pat Briggs is under fire for saying 'I was doing it years before flashy, feather-boa'd bands like Orgy and Placebo made it palatable for easily spooked mainstream audiences.'

news : 12/6/99
burger queen francais single : the french version of "burger queen" has been released (on november 22nd) and is avaliable to american fans via internet music stores. the single includes 3 tracks including the french version of "burger queen", an instrumental titled "aardvark", and a beautiful acoustic of "every you every me". get it right away!

bowie/placebo single in wide release : the bowie/placebo single has been widely distributed throughout the usa and should now be fairly easy to find. be sure to look under both placebo and bowie for the single if you can't find it.

brian pin-up : a beautiful brian in lipstick was in the recent issue of UK magazine SELECT with radiohead on the cover. be sure to get it!

les rhythmes digitales & placebo : the les rhythmes digitales remix of placebo's "pure morning" will be featured on the forthcoming fifa 2000 computer game and will be accompanied by a variety of other tracks that will be on an album. other artists include gomez, underworld, and cassius. les rhythmes digitales recently released their new album titled "darkdancer".

news : 8/17/99
brian is sick! : the rumors are true! brian has come down with a case of tonsilitis, it has forced him to cancel his recent brisbane show. everyone keep brian in your prayers for a speedy recovery!

placebo in smug : a new review of "without you i'm nothing" is in the august/september issue of "smug music magazine". the review isn't very good--but it's placebo nonetheless!

don't insult brian! : at a recent concert, brian singled out a disruly concert-goer who was yelling insults at him and called him several names including a "cunt" various times. GO BRIAN!

news : 7/27/99
placebo on conan o'brien : placebo's performance of "pure morning" for the conan o'brien show which took place this spring was rebroadcast on the nbc television network on monday, july 26th. hope you caught it! brian looked ravishing and so did everyone else. they did very well considering they performed prior to conan and norm mcdonald's socially acceptable gay bashing jokes.

placebo in circus magazine (again!) : placebo can be found in august's circus magazine with the deftones on the cover. the band is featured in the "bands on the move" section along with honky toast and oleander. the article also features a black and white picture of the band.

stefan's singing confirmed : placebo's bassist stefan has been confirmed by multiple resources as having sang alongside brian at several concert appearances (including t in the park and big day out), and if you caught the american rerun of the conan o'brien performance, you would've saw that he contributed a little during that performance too.

brian donates clothing : about a month or so ago, brian molko of placebo along with several other artists donated articles of clothing from their wardrobe to calvin klein clothing. rumor has it that the clothes will be used in a future calvin klein collection. any more info? email me!!

fanzine stuff needed : i'm considering starting a placebo print fanzine including pics, articles, and tons of other placebo-related stuff. if you'd like to contribute just send any placebo pics, info, news, or anything else even vaguely related to placebo to my email. any placebo related questions or comments are welcome as well.

gay dad vs. placebo : gay dad lead singer cliff jones recently commented on placebo's brian molko in a recent select magazine interview (see below). and now brian squared off against gay dad at a recent gig by saying "i'm sorry i'm late, i was backstage getting my cock sucked by the lead singer of gay dad. and let me tell you, it's not just his band that sucks!" brian also recently said a similar comment regarding marilyn manson (see news for 7/17/99).

rumor : image change : there's a rumor circulating that brian is "roughing up" his image and losing his makeup and glam ladyboy persona for a t-shirt and jeans look. any info on this or just a nasty rumor? please tell me.

"rock my dick brian" : at a recent swedish gig back in june some resident placebo fans were screaming for brian to play the b-side from "nancy boy", "slackerbitch". brian misunderstood and goes "what? suck my dick?" and they go "NOOO, ROCK MY DICK BRIAN!" and he laughed. i guess it was a pretty cool moment.

viva placebo : placebo were recently featured on the german satellite television program "viva" on july 24th at 10pm. did you catch it?

calvin klein ad : some new info has surfaced on the long ago aforementioned calvin klein placebo ad. some rumors are circulating that brian will be modeling women's clothing, shockingly enough. it may not be true, so don't get your panties in a knot.

brian's girlfriend : tons of rumors have been circulating about the identity of brian's girlfriend or if brian even has a one really knows the truth and everything online is getting awfully convoluted and switched around so be careful what you read online. it's brian's life, is my opinion and let him live it like he feels fit.

news : 7/17/99
bowie and placebo team up : david bowie and placebo are teaming up to make an ep for placebo's next single "without you i'm nothing" and it will be avaliable to lucky european fans this august 16th. the limited edition ep will be limited to 200,000 copies and will feature the bowie/placebo duet as well as some remixes of the song. no news yet if it will be avaliable online or in america.

early july belgium show pics : some absolutely gorgeous new placebo pics are online at this site. the pics show brian and stefan close up and in beautiful detail. a must see.

"i'm sorry i'm late..." : brian molko quote of the month for july will have to be "i'm sorry i'm late, i was backstage getting my cock sucked by marilyn manson." the shock rocker and placebo recently shared the stage at the recent milton keynes concert in mid-july in the uk. the headliner was metallica. rumor has it that the concert was absolutely wonderful.

placebo-garbage : placebo will be opening for garbage in 3 south africa gigs. any info on these exact dates would be greatly appreciated.

stefan sings? : there's a rumor circulating that stefan lended vocals alongside brian at a recent concert. can anyone confirm? please do.

new email : please note that i have a new email address, please email all news and any concert reviews, fan art, ANYTHING PLACEBO NO MATTER HOW MINISCULE to that addy. thank you so very much.

news : 7/8/99
new placebo interview : as mentioned in an earlier news brief, my online teen magazine "the teen spot" has acquired an exclusive complete and uncensored placebo interview titled "boys will be boys". it can be found in the recently released july 1999 issue of the magazine at Be sure to check it out--it features some previously never before seen quotes and info about the band. definitely a must read for placebo fans!

yeeehaw : placebo's brian molko can be found gracing the inside of august 1999's "alternative press" magazine in the united states. he is in there for a feature on guitar playing--the picture is located at the right. be sure to pick up a copy at your local newstands today!

gay dad speaks of placebo : in july's edition of select magazine, uk band gay dad's frontman cliff jones talks of the band. the quote goes like this : "i don't toy with whether i'm gay or bisexual or straight. not in the way that placebo do. if a man came on to brian molko, he'd run. trust me, i can tell."

news : 6/23/99
the big death scare : there have been rumors circulating around the newsgroups and mailing lists that brian was sent to the hospital for a drug overdose and that he might even be dead. now, mailing lists and newsgroups are known for their nasty false rumors which get started to ignite panic for fans. over the years, rumors of pregnancies, deaths, marriages, sexuality assumptions, etc have all graced the newgroups and mailing lists for bands and movie stars. and you can't believe everything you read because placebo have been sighted alive and well with brian at the mic recently. so do not fret. all is well in placebo.

emotion sickness : placebo has been given lots of flack for their emotions. some say, steve is the nicest, stefan can be okay--but that brian is a real cunt. or vice versa. so, i talked to someone at spin magazine about the whole controversy with placebo's emotions and he had this to say : "apparently, they are very nice. their former publicist adores them, so that must be somewhat good." i also asked if he knew what was coming up in the future and he said : "i have no idea but i'm sure it will surely rock!" i'm sure it will too.

news : 6/17/99
placebo and silverchair update : the team-up between silverchair and placebo is still on (see earlier news) and we've acquired an exclusive tour promotion poster. click here to view it.

pavement pics : pictures from the may 1999 placebo photo shoot for new zealand publication "pavement" are avaliable in the pics section. be sure to check them out.

fan art : we're still looking for fan art, so if you have any--go ahead and send it!

news : 6/15/99
manson & placebo : there's a great deal of rumors going on about placebo and manson's friendship. brian has stated in several interviews that he is friends with the shock rocker and hung out with him in london. supposedly, manson recently commented in an interview by saying that brian repeatedly kept on trying to give the "straight and engaged" manson blow jobs. he also added that brian has a "taste for penis". as we all know, manson likes to attract attention to himself for his own benefit--it doesn't seem like a very "friendly" thing to say about ol' molko boy though. also, in a recent interview with the new online music magazine "hip online", stefan (bassist for placebo) commented that manson's latest effort "mechanical animals" is "crap" and that "his image has taken over his music". also, i acquired a picture of brian with manson, johnathan davis of korn, and some others following an awards show sometime before manson's glam makeover (pic avaliable in the pics section).

rage playlist : the playlist for the australian music video "rage" program is online showcasing placebo's favorite and least favorite videos they selected. for more on "rage", see the news on 5/29/99. the complete playlist can be found here.

international placebo : i found some japanese and other international sites (they even have some pics i've never saw before), so be sure to check our links for some new ones.

news : 6/7/99
en vogue : new zealand magazine "pavement" recently did a 8 page fashion shoot with placebo in their latest issue. it should be avaliable at newstands in new zealand. anyone have any pics scanned? send them right over.

new zealand rumor : there's a rumor that following placebo's aussie dates supporting silverchair that they will return to new zealand for some gigs/appearances due to growing popularity in the country. everyone here in the states is hoping for them to return sometime soon but as we all know, placebo are human and can only do so much. brian and the boys need their beauty rest in order to work up some new material for their next album.

belgium appearances : placebo were recently doing promotion/touring in belgium. they have done some short radio station appearances/tiny gigs and some tv appearances supposedly.

velvet goldmine : as you probably already know, "velvet goldmine" (with placebo in it!!) is now out and ready for rent/buy. i suggest, if you can't find it--request to order it from a video store. it's what i did.

concert reviews still wanted : i still want your concert reviews if you've saw/seen placebo in concert. so, email me so i can post it here.

brian's romantic situation confusion : there's alot of fuss going on in the placebo newsgroups and mailing lists. it all seems to be over mr. molko's current romantic situation (if he has a girlfriend/boyfriend, what he/she looks like,etc). so, maybe we can help clear up the mess right here. if you have any info, email me right away.

exclusive placebo interview : i acquired an exclusive placebo interview from my friend gabi. she is a freelance journalist and is allowing me to use it on my teen magazine when the next issue (july '99) is put up. sooo, as soon as it's up, i'll provide you with the url and you can check it out. so, keep on coming back and checking here.

here is the archives of past placebo news for those who may have missed it...