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news : 5/4/99

aussie gig info : thanks so much to sarah hill for the info on a recent placebo aussie gig. it was at an over 18 only gay club in melbourne, australia called "the prince of wales nightclub". according to sarah, during the show not much was said from the band...stefan threw guitar picks into the audience and the boys were smoking heaps. stefan had a cool black guitar with a snakeskin pattern. at the beginning, brian introduced everyone and said "the greatest lesson to learn, is to love and be loved in return". everyone was shocked by how corny it was, but anything brian says needs to be you know. afterwards, they did an instore signing at gaslight record store and everyone got to meet them and talk to them. stefan and steven were very nice and brian most likely had a hangover cuz he was outfitted in sunglasses. here is the set list, but NOT in the correct order :

scared of girls
brick shithouse
allergic (to thoughts of mother earth)
the crawl
my sweet prince
lady of the flowers
every you every me
you don't care about us
without you i'm nothing
bruise pristine
36 degrees
nancy boy
pure morning
teenage angst
an instrumental thing that supposebly lasted for ten minutes (this could've been "evil dildo" which placebo is known to play as an encore, or one of their bside instrumentals)

placebo & ben folds five : placebo will be reportedly opening up for ben folds five mid-may into june in the us. the tour is to promote ben folds five's new album release and placebo has only been confirmed as the opener for the may 30th gig in nashville,tn. more details as i get them.

placebo vocab : does brian's talented songwriting sometimes baffle you with his words that seem plucked from the pages of webster's dictionary??'s the definitions of some of the trickier words IMO :

stuck between the do or die / i feel emanciated ~ "come home"
emanciated : to become or make lean

airs and social graces / elocution so divine ~ "teenage angst"
elocution : management of the voice and gesture in speaking ; pronunciation and delivery

allocate your sentiment / and stick it / in a box ~ "36 degrees"
allocate : to distribute ; to assign to each its share

burning clouds around / and in my solar plexus ~ "hang on to your iq"
solar plexus : area located around the chest and abdomen

i know / i'm all wrapped up / in sweet attrition ~ "i know"
attrition : act of wearing ; or the state of being worn

in this matrix / it's plain to see ~ "bruise pristine"
matrix : a womb, mold, or substance in which a mineral is embedded

you're just confiscating / you're exasperating ~ "you don't care about us"
exasperating : to irritate ; enrage ; make worse

i'm unclean / a libertine ~ "without you i'm nothing"
libertine : one who indulges in lust without restraint

slightly bemused / by his lack of direction ~ "burger queen"
bemused : muddled ; stupefied

you think this love / is bona fide ~ "flesh mechanic"
bona fide : with good faith

by rights / you should be bludgeoned / in your bed ~ "bigmouth strikes again"
bludgeoned : to be hit with a short club