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news : 5/18/99
placebo festival gigs : placebo are planning some festival gigs overseas away from the us...but i got some british music newspapers (for a pretty penny in the usa!) and scanned some of the ads (I circled scanner didn't get the entire ad though (damn gigantic british papers!)...

V 99 Festival, Britain
T in the Park Festival, Scotland

role models : mtv2 had a news brief on placebo on 5/18/99 telling about placebo modeling for gucci. this is new news to me. it said something about brian enjoying wearing such expensive clothing. it also talked on brian's gender-bending fashion sense (from regular shirts and pants to skirts and dresses) and how both guys and girls are loving brian's looks. it also mentioned that the band is getting bigger in the usa-- which we already knew,right?!?

new placebo interview : excellent music interview website "hip online" has done a rather nice interview with stephan discussing everything from bowie to their lyrics to brian's gender-altering image... check it out!