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news : 5/26/99
more on placebo aussie gigs : special thanks to jenny van gessel for informing me about 2 placebo sydney, australia gigs she attended. the 1st night they were at a small venue called "the metro". the band didn't say much but did say something about love on both nights. everyone was yelling for them to play "nancy boy" and brian said "good things come to those who wait." both nights they played basically the same songs. the opener was "scared of girls" and 2nd song was "brick shithouse" both nights. here's the set list (not in correct order) :
scared of girls
brick shithouse
teenage angst
nancy boy
lady of the flowers
without you i'm nothing
every you every me
you don't care about us
36 degrees
bruise pristine
burger queen
the crawl
evil dildo

on the second night, brian threw his bass amp cover into the audience which i guess looked really funny. there was no instore signing in syndey but they did do one in melbourne.

RUMOR : bside album : rumors are circulating throughout the net that a placebo bsides album has been released in the uk. it has not been confirmed and i cannot yet find it avaliable for purchase online. placebo did discuss tentative plans for a bsides album in previous interviews. have any info? i would loooove to know me.

velvet goldmine news : "velvet goldmine" (with a cameo appearance from placebo) should be avaliable in the us by now, look for it at anyplace the sells videos or dvds. it is avaliable on both. it has been avaliable overseas for awhile. it can also be purchased online at many sites, including have a deal going on for a limited time now that if you spend $15, you get $10 off--YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT!!

120 minutes : mtv has failed to add placebo to its major video rotation, instead you get to see the latest boy band video 5000, if you would like to see placebo on mtv...i'd suggest requesting them for mtv's alt rock show "120 minutes"...the email is

RUMOR : next single : there's a rumor circulating throughout the net, this rumor is that "my sweet prince" will be the next single off "without you i'm nothing". this is supposebly according to a UK tv teletext program (whatever that is!). it's strictly rumor and it doesn't seem to make too much sense considering they don't play it too much at shows. but you never know.

RUMOR : placebo and silverchair : according to a new rumor, placebo might be coming back to australia to support silverchair. it was supposebly mentioned on an aussie tv program and a formal announcement is expected. silverchair is currently in the middle of their support tour for their new release "neon ballroom". i recently saw them at their columbus gig and it was a really good show. no mention of this rumor. i did notice that alot of silverchair fans also liked placebo. interesting.

auction your life away : there is some awesome and lemme repeat, awesome stuff avaliable at, the famous auction site. perfect place to bid on imports for american fans. worth a look.