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news : 4/13/99

placebo on break this *rerun* : placebo was on muchmusic on thursday, april 15th at 10PM ET. they were on the program "break this" and it was a rerun of a november interview with the band talking about their new album--includes an 8 minute interview and live performance. the video for "pure morning" was shown as well. but the new video will not be in it due to the program being packaged BEFORE it was released. i learned this in advance according to a correspondent at muchmusic usa.

much on demand : on sunday, april 11th placebo's brand new video for "every you,every me" from the cruel intentions soundtrack was shown on the "much on demand" program. i unfortunately missed it but 2 of my friends caught it and said it had lots of clips from the movie and the band singing onstage. i can't wait to see it and have been requesting it tons via email! you can too! and please do! the email is! Put the name of the band and song in the subject header. There is a list of where you can email other MuchMusic programs and tell them to feature Placebo on their program--and they just might email you back or give you some info. The URL is