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news : 4/22/99

placebo media alert!! : i've just got word that placebo is in the may 1999 issue of "circus rock magazine" in america. the band orgy is on the cover and there is a 3-page article on placebo. be sure to get it, i haven't yet but i've looked all over already. also, i guess placebo was in "launch magazine" a few months ago which is a cd-rom magazine with digital interviews/video clips,etc. it could still be avaliable in back issues. also, check for an upcoming issue of spin magazine which will have an exclusive interview with the band.

placebo to play at v2 festival : placebo is slated to play at england's v2 festival. the festival goes from august 21-22 and takes place in chelmsford and staffordshire. if you remember correctly,the verve headlined last year's festival. this year, the lineup includes placebo (of course), eagle-eye cherry, travis, theaudience, lynden david hall, gomez, suede, the manic street preachers, and cast.

every you every me video : the "every you every me" video is now avaliable on the official placebo site. it's really kewl, but isn't everything by placebo???

virgin records sampler : if you filled out a card for more info on placebo at one of their concerts, you've probably received a virgin records cd sampler containing 15 songs including "pure morning" by placebo and other artists such as fatboy slim, whale, lenny kravitz, dc talk, stardust, the smashing pumpkins and many more. stickers from various bands were also included. you could try writing virgin records (address is most likely avaliable online or in the cd cases of a virgin records release). when you write, i would suggest just to ask for a free copy of the "virgin records : next generation" sampler. it's worth a try. free cd with placebo on it. can't beat that.