here's the gallery of placebo pics,enjoy these tasty visuals.

placebo from a french magazine placebo from silver rocket fan club placebo holding hands brian and stefan way in back placebo being touchy-feely brian putting on eyeliner nice black and white pic of brian brian putting on lipstick brian sticking out tongue live brian in front of his large picture brians bday from q magazine placebo with eddie izzard from q magazine brian being vey,vey drunk brian as stunt girl brian with outstretched hand and cigarette,of course brian at the laudromat with astronaut shirt angelic brian freaky brian brian takin a hit from his cigarette introspective thoughtful brian sad/depressed brian cigarette hanging from mouth brian sophisticated brian with cig, of course brian looking up with purple lipstick brian kissing michael stipe of rem bass player stefan oldsdal stefan in red drummer steve hewitt placebo against white background 2 fine lovers full glam brian and the rest of the gang placebo against blue background yes, it is placebo brian and stefan looking tired...poor guys shooting guns makes you horny girlie brian caressing stefan...steve is on the verge of laughing the band with brian looking to the sky placebo in feather boas and nailpolish placebo glossy photo from concert brian lighting up brian after a gig stefan after a gig...looks sinister stefan in the infamous red dress...blurry brian singing and looking cartoony placebo in burger joint from wyin cd insert steve and brian from wyin cd insert stefan drinking from wyin cd insert brian from velvet goldmine cd placebo in nme magazine in 1998 placebo in velvet goldmine brian with manson and friends brian from the may 1999 issue of pavement brian and steve from the may 1999 issue of pavement a shirtless stefan from the may 1999 issue of pavement steve from the may 1999 issue of pavement cowboy brian from the august 1999 issue of alternative press YEEEHAW!

promo pic of the band for 3rd album

fan art

here's some really kewl placebo fan art from my friends. if you have any,well let me know!

this is an absolutely beautiful pencil drawing by my friend sarah of brian, he's crying and looks rilly sad!! *sniff*

here's a totally awesome cute anime piccie of brian. i forced my friend karen to draw it. thanks karen!