the following are my favorite quotes from the band,from interviews and such (seperated by band member) --

brian molko

"i think what you have to realize is that our generation is the first generation since its sexual awakening has come into the world, and realized that sex can mean, ultimately, death. that has had a very serious effect on social morals and on the way people deal with each other. as we approach the millennium, people are getting more and more confused, and contact is getting more and more sanitized, so there's a lot more mental games being played." ~ brian molko on the sexual revolution

"you lose so many material possessions being on the road. you can't get too attached to stuff. and you have to remember that people must never become possessions. people are spheres intersecting. you have to make sure that one sphere doesn't ever take over the other. individuality is absolutely the most important thing." ~ brian molko on material things

"i'm very lustful. i'm in this fortunate, or unfortunate, position being bisexual in that i have twice as many people to lust over. so it can get hard on tour. i don't think lust is a sin - people should have sex as much and in as many situations as possible. then they'd be less uptight." ~ brian molko on lust

"we live in a stange bubble." ~ brian molko on the world

"i believe very strongly that when it comes to desire,when it comes to attraction,that things are never black and white,things are very much shades of grey." ~ brian molko on desire

"we're just trying to find meaning within all the madness. and if you find yourself saying 'you know, if I met myself last night, I would've thought I was an asshole,' that's one hell of a severe warning sign that you've gone too far with the madness." ~ brian molko on madness

"I was a very frustrated, lonely and anti-social young man. I felt very alienated and very bored as well." ~ brian molko on the teenage years

"so,then you find yourself in a situation where you have to do things because they're on offer to you, because you don't have much self-respect left. You just can't say no, even to something that you've never done before. You just can't help yourself." ~ brian molko on the self-respect

"i like the fact that people either think im incredibly gorgeous or fucking ugly." ~ brian molko on his appearance

"when every day became a hangover. and when you look at yourself in the mirror and go 'i don't like how you're coming across to people.' and when every day just started to feel the same. after the 50th shag, it doesn't mean so much anymore." ~ brian molko on the rock-star life

"to write beautiful music and communicate real emotion, and to play strong and exciting gigs. that is now our drug." ~ brian molko on developing as a band

"i’d be interested in finding out if there is a light you walk into, and if you do meet people from your life and walk hand in hand with jesus. i would hate for my death to be tragic: i’d like to be old when it happens. but hopefully a young death is unlikely." ~ brian molko on the afterlife

"they’re getting used to it. i think fear is slowly turning into pride: i think they were quite perturbed in the beginning, but they’re coming round to it. i was always a bit of a loose cannon, then again I was always the artistic one: bit of a social misfit. I probably still am." ~ brian molko on what his parents think of placebo

"maybe invest in some exotic extravagant and battery operated toys." ~ brian molko on what he would do if he was a woman for a day

"i was given a photograph of this girl with a black eye with ‘Kill/Fuck/Die’ written on it, which I carry with me everywhere, because it’s the most intense thing i’ve been given." ~ brian molko on the strangest gift given to him by a fan

stefan oldsdal

"too much of a good thing,and you end up in a bad way." ~ stefan oldsdal on excessive good

"that i had an enormous dick." ~ stefan oldsdal on the nastiest rumor heard about himself

"the grass is always greener somewhere else. but you have to be here to know that. make sense?" ~ stefan oldsdal on the meaning of life

steve hewitt

"it's been going on for so long now,people still don't know if he's a girl or a boy." ~ steve hewitt on brian molko

"i shouted, i spat, i grew a big forked tail and horns. you really wouldn't want to have been there." ~ steve hewitt on fighting with his ex girlfriend